Explore the boundless potential of real-world asset tokenization

about us

Participate, learn, and achieve the best version of your life with CYNDICATE

Our platform democratizes investments in real-world assets, such as real estate and fitness/health centers, through tokenization by eliminating intermediaries and enhancing cash flows. Simultaneously, we offer a comprehensive self-improvement platform, with expert-led courses in fitness, nutrition, business, and investment.

We provide you with all the necessary tools & resources to secure lucrative investment opportunities & empower your life

  • CYNDICATE members will be able to socialize and network within our platform, develop relationships, engage in discussion, and utilize each other for resources and information.
  • Members can earn utility tokens for engagement, discussion, and participating development of the network.
  • CYNDICATE Evolve ™ is developing a luxury brand of activewear clothing, accessories, and merchandise so that our members can represent our brand and their dedication to becoming a high-performing individual.
  • CYNDICATE Labs™ is currently creating a specialized supplement line designed to increase performance. Users will be able to purchase our supplements with fiat, crypto or our utility token to receive additional discounts.
  • CYNDICATE Evolution ™is developing a proprietary C-Learning platform designed to engage in a gamified “learn and earn” environment. As members complete courses, training modules, or graduate to additional levels, users will earn $CYND Tokens as a reward for their effort. Training will include subject matter such as: nutrition, health, fitness, mindset, lifestyle, business, sales, cryptocurrency, and real estate education.
  • Additional services will be available, such as: one on one training, webinars, coaching, mentorships, and live, in person events.
  • The $CYND token will be the first tool we provide our users. With the $CYND Token, users will be able to stake and earn additional rewards, receive unlocked content and courses, unlock VIP apparel and merchandise, along with additional benefits.

Empower your investment
with a $CYND token

Participate in $CYND utility tokens and tap into a wealth of opportunities within the CYNDICATE ecosystem.
Earn more tokens by staking $CYND
Spend tokens on virtual and physical goods within the ecosystem
Unlock premium content and exclusive events
Earn tokens through active platform participation
Receive tokens for referring new users
Receive passive income
Referral program

CYNDICATE affiliate program

Earn with every invite
Earn a 7% reward in $CYND tokens on purchases made by your direct referrals (3% for 2nd tier and 1% for 3rd tier). The more you refer, the more you earn.
Extended rewards
Receive bonuses beyond the first tier, with rewards extending through your network’s growth.
Flexible withdrawals
Access your rewards with ease. One-click withdrawals coming soon.
How to get started?
To participate, purchase a minimum of $100 equivalent in $CYND tokens. This will generate your affiliate link. The referral program is available for a limited supply of 300M $CYND tokens.

Stake your $CYND tokens

When you stake tokens amounting to more than $5000, your reward for holding tokens in the pool gets a significant boost. This means that instead of the standard reward rates, you'll earn an additional % on your staked tokens.
This enhanced reward structure is our way of saying thank you for your trust and substantial investment in our platform. $CYND token staking begins with the public sale (ICO).

Standard staking rewards

Stake $100 EQUIV. in $CYND tokens
907% APY
18010% APY
36012% APY
Round details



Why participate in CYNDICATE?

Blockchain efficiency
Lower costs and simpler transactions without intermediaries
High liquidity assets
Class A & Class B assets ensuring high cash flows
Comprehensive rewards
Earn $CYND tokens for platform engagement and referrals
Passive income opportunities
Receive dividends from your investments
Minimal initial investment
Benefit from fractional ownership for minimal initial investment
Accessible market entry
Multiple levels of entry enabling investors to easily tap into the market
Informed & educated investing
Gain access to educational resources and insights to make well-informed decisions
Risk-optimized returns
Choose from various investment levels to suit your risk preference and maximize returns


Social media Launch
  • Marketing Campaign
  • $CYND Token Smart
  • Contract Developments
  • Testnet Blockchain Protocol
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Premier Launch of Apparel and Clothing Brand
  • Private Sale and Pre-Sale. Public Sale
  • Utility Token Staking Smart Contract Development
Public Sale
  • Token Listing DEX
  • UMarketing Actvities and Additional Partnerships/Affiliates
  • Community Expansion
  • Purchase Company Headquarters
  • Utility Token Staking Launch
  • Development of CYNDICATE Revolution
  • Evolution Platform Development
  • Utility Token Staking Smart Contract Development
$CYND8 Smart Contract Development
  • $CYND8 White Paper and Smart Contract Development
  • $CYND8 Staking Development
  • STO Pre-Sale
STO Public Sale. $CYND8 Staking Launch
  • STO Public Sale. $CYND8 Staking Launch
  • Development of $Cyndicate Premium Investor Platform
$CYND4 Real Estate Smart Contract Development
  • $CYND4 Real Estate Smart Contract Development
  • Launch $CYND Investor Platform. New Partnerships. Ecosystem Maintenance


To participate in CYNDICATE, click on the “Purchase Token” button and register on the platform. After successful registration, you can proceed to stake your tokens.
Staking $CYND tokens allows you to earn attractive annual percentage yields based on the duration of your staking period, providing a steady return on investment. By staking your tokens, you can also participate in “learn and earn” opportunities on the CYNDICATE platform. In addition, you will receive affiliate rewards, adding an extra layer of financial benefit to your investment.
You can unstake your tokens within the first 7 days of your chosen locking period without any penalty. Please note that after this initial 7-day window, there will be no opportunity to unlock tokens until the termination of the staking period.
To participate in the referral program, you need to purchase a minimum of $100 equivalent in $CYND tokens. After this, you will receive your affiliate link.
Cryptocurrency investments are subject to regulatory considerations that may vary by jurisdiction. The value of cryptocurrencies fluctuate, potentially increasing or decreasing without notice. Profits from cryptocurrency investments may be subject to capital gains tax or other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Please consult with a financial advisor before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.